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Special Protection Group

(Cabinet Secretariat)


Indian Emblem
Director SPG

Director's Message

Special Protection Group (SPG) is entrusted with the task of providing proximate security to the Prime Minister of India, former Prime Minister and their immediate family members.



  • Tender for the Procurement of 10 Nos. Deep Search Metal Detectors(DSMD)
  • Tender for the Procurement of 1252 Nos. of 2750 mAH Li-Ion Batteries for XTS 5000 Hand Held Radios
  • Tender for the Procurement of 12 Nos Foldable BR Shields
  • Procurement of RFID based Weapon Management System for issue,receipt of weapons
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"Live webcast of ceremony of dedication of the National Police Memorial by the Hon'ble Prime Minister on the occasion of Police Commemoration Day, October 21, 2018, at Chanakyapuri, New Delhi"